Our Manufacturing Partners

Chefoli is a renowned exporter of refined sunflower oil.

Chefoli collaborates with esteemed manufacturing partners situated in Turkey, Bulgaria, and Ukraine. These strategic partnerships ensure the sourcing of high-quality sunflower oil, processed with advanced techniques and stringent quality control measures, guaranteeing consistency and excellence in every batch while keeping the cost low.

Our Brand

At the heart of our operations stands the esteemed brand, Chefoli. Synonymous with premium quality and reliability, Chefoli represents a commitment to excellence in the refined sunflower oil industry. With a focus on meeting and exceeding customer expectations, Chefoli continuously strives to deliver unparalleled satisfaction and trust to consumers worldwide.


Retail Packaging

Catering to diverse consumer needs, Chefoli offers a wide range of packaging sizes, including 85ml, 1L, 1.8L, 2L, 3L, and 5L variants. Additionally, customized sizes can be made available based on the specific requirements outlined in contractual agreements. This flexibility ensures that Chefoli remains adaptable and responsive to the evolving demands of its clientele, further solidifying its position as a leader in the market.

Shipping Arrangements

Chefoli facilitates seamless shipping arrangements, offering both road and sea freight options. Our efficient logistics network ensures timely delivery of PET bottles worldwide. Refer to the accompanying diagram for shipping times and customs codes. Trust Chefoli for reliable transportation solutions tailored to your needs, ensuring prompt delivery and hassle-free customs clearance.